The DEAL is here - what now?

Jan Heiland

MPI Coffee Lecture - October 23, 2023


Basic Idea

  • check the publishing costs
    • for Germany
    • in a reference year
    • with the big publishers
  • get the same publishing but Open Access
    • for Germany
    • in future
    • with the big publishers (Elsevier, Springer, Wiley)

As of 2020

  • DEALs were achieved with Springer and Wiley
    • Open Access for most of their journals
    • on the base of the 2017 numbers
  • Elsevier still on stall

As of 2023

  1. Elsevier is just signed

    • opt-in for institutions
    • publish OA with APCs
      • 2550/6450 Euro/article + 3-4% increase/year
    • read access to almost all journals
  2. Wiley/Springer contracts expire

What is good

  • public funding, public research
  • Open Access by default
  • in line with Plan S
  • control on publication costs

What is not

  • it is APC based
    • no money, no Open Access
    • more articles processed, more money
    • misguiding incentives for publishers
  • libraries are out of the game
    • one layer of quality control less
  • favours large publishers
    • rewards previous overpricing
  • no sustainable transition to OA
    • journals remain hybrid


  • community based journals! Diamant OA
  • arxiv other open publishing platforms
  • subscribe to open
  • other?

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