Past Conferences and Events

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Date Occasion Location
Nov 04 – Nov 07 Invited conference talk at LIA COPDESC and Lions Magenes Days Paris, France
Oct 14 – Oct 18 Workshop Machine Learning in Model Reduction and Control Shanghai, China
Sep 30 – Oct 4 MS Low-rank modelling in uncertainty quantification and talk on time stepping for NSE at the Enumath 2019 Egmond an Zee, The Netherlands
Sep 16 – Sep 17 Visiting the Workshop des GAMM Fachausschuss Dynamik und Regelungstheorie Ilmenau, Germany
Jul 15 – Jul 19 Talks at the ICIAM2019 on robust controllers and tensor POD Valencia, Spain
Jul 02 – Jul 04 Visit of the group of Fabian Wirth and seminar talk on robust controller design Passau, Germany