Regularization and Rothe Discretization of Semi-Explicit Operator DAEs

Jan 1, 2018·
Robert Altmann
Jan Heiland
· 0 min read
A general framework for the regularization of constrained PDEs, also called operator differential-algebraic equations (operator DAEs), is presented. The given procedure works for semi-explicit and semi-linear operator DAEs of first order including the Navier-Stokes and other flow equations. The proposed reformulation is consistent, i.e., the solution of the PDE remains untouched. Its main advantage is that it regularizes the operator DAE in the sense thata semi-discretization in space leads to a DAE of lower index. Furthermore, a stability analysisis presented for the linear case, which shows that the regularization provides benefits also for the application of the Rothe method. For this, the influence of perturbations is analyzed for the different formulations. The results are verified by means of a numerical example with an adaptive space discretization.
Int. J. Numer. Anal. Model