Numerical benchmarking of fluid-rigid body interactions

Jan 1, 2019·
Henry Von Wahl
Thomas Richter
Christoph Lehrenfeld
Jan Heiland
Piotr Minakowski
· 0 min read
We propose a fluid-rigid body interaction benchmark problem, consisting of a solid spherical obstacle in a Newtonian fluid, whose centre of mass is fixed but is free to rotate. A number of different problems are defined for both two and three spatial dimensions. The geometry is chosen specifically, such that the fluid-solid partition does not change over time and classical fluid solvers are able to solve the fluid-structure interaction problem. We summarise the different approaches used to handle the fluid-solid coupling and numerical methods used to solve the arising problems. The results obtained by the described methods are presented and we give reference intervals for the relevant quantities of interest.
Computers & Fluids