Frequency-selective Filter Based Frequency Separated Feedback Control of Linear Systems: State Feedback Case

Jul 1, 2019·
Xin Du
Yi Yang
Jan Heiland
Kaynyak Okyay
· 0 min read
This paper presents a new frequency-selective filter based frequency separated feedback control strategy for disturbance attenuation over multiple frequency ranges. The measured output/state of the plant is firstly separeted/divided into auxiliary frequency-limited outputs/state by introducing a group of pre-specified frequency-selective filters. Furthermore, a group of frequency-selective controllers is designed to render the frequency-selective component of the closed-loop system. With the aid of generalized KYP lemma, the design of control gains can be recasted into solutions to a set of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed method is illustrated via numerical examples.
2019 Chinese Control Conference (CCC)